Kissy Darling

First Impressions

Kissy Darling stands out from the crowd because of her big natural tits and her big blue eyes. Those were the first two things I noticed when visiting her tour and it will probably the same for you. I love the picture of her in the glittery black top that pushes her tits up high. She`s wearing her hair in pigtails and she looks all lusty. It should be fun to see more of that. The cutie has a video trailer to check out too and it offers even more evidence that leads to the conclusion that the site is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Hot Promises

There`s a big emphasis on high definition content on the tour. Kissy badly wants you to know that she does HD video and that it`s widescreen and beautiful. She also promises exclusive picture galleries and videos with zip downloads, bonus sites and no download restrictions so you could theoretically grab everything on the site in one day if you wanted. The rest of the tour is just pictures and the preview video along with silly text about how she`s an exhibitionist and she`s so happy to finally have a place to show off. Every site like this has something to that effect and it`s boring at this point.


The most recent and most delicious scenes featuring Kissy Darling can be found on the member`s main page. They list the top rated and the most visited sets for you and there`s a favorites list near the bottom of the page you can access any time to find the sets that you like best. They cram a few advertisements on the page as well but they`re not nearly as bad as those I`ve seen elsewhere so I find them minimally offensive.

You`ll find your browsing options on the left side of the page but the pictures and videos are really the only ones worth making use of. They have a few more ads crammed in there so just stick with the images and movies. There are eight picture sets and they have 50-120 pictures at 1600px. There`s a scaled down version of each picture available at the click of a button if those are too big and they do zip downloads of all sets. There are eight movies and they`re disappointing because they`re nowhere near the HD that was promised. 640x480 and 1500kbps is how they play at the highest level and that`s not what was promised over and over again. I hate it when sites openly lie about what they have in the member`s area and this is one of them.

This is a small site but within those limited sets Kissy Darling entertains in a big way. The breasts are where it all centers. You`re not going to like her site if you don`t dig a curvy girl with natural boobies but if you responded to what you saw on the tour then you`ll be pleased with what`s inside because shows us her naked boobies in every set. I started with the picture galleries and in each of them she poses in something sexy or cute and strips until her big boobies are staring at the world and begging to be played with.

My favorite picture set shows her in a schoolgirl uniform with her amazing breasts practically popping out. It`s a super slutty version of the naughty schoolgirl as the skirt is so short you can see everything when she bends over and the top is so low cut you get tons of breast flesh. As with all her sets she brings the tits out and like most others she gropes them lustily. I really like it when she brings the tits up to her mouth and tries to run her tongue over the nipples. She usually succeeds and it gives birth to thoughts of nipple licking in my dirty brain. I`d love to lick her naughty nipples!

Kissy Darling is a topless model only in her picture galleries so you won`t be seeing that precious pussy. It`s still awfully hot seeing her pose and play though. Another gallery I`m particularly fond of shows her posing in a sheer blue sweater that`s clearly too tight for her body and that`s what makes it so hot. Her tits are in a white lace bra and they`re practically begging to be released. Lucky for us that`s exactly what she does, stripping from the sheer sweater and showing off her boobies.

In the movies the fun gets a little more interactive and one of my favorite parts was how much of a talker Kissy Darling is. She loves to bag with the camera and you, of course. She wants you to know what dirty thoughts are running through her brain so you can have them too. When she gives a dildo a handjob and slides it between her tits she`ll talk about how good it would feel to have a real cock in there. When she rubs oil all over her boobs and gives them a thorough massage she talks about how it feels and how much she wants you to be the one giving her a massage. Wouldn`t you like to grope her huge boobs and make her moan`

There`s one video that`s dedicated entirely to dirty talk. She`s sitting there topless and the camera is zoomed in tight on her face so you can see the look of lust in her eyes as the words come pouring out. They`re pure naughtiness and she definitely knows how to make a man get hard in his pants. The girl has a talent and she`s not afraid to put it on display. That being said there are only eight movies so you`ll be done with them quickly.

The rather small site that is Kissy Darling is mitigated by the fact that there are ten bonus sites available to all members. Each site has a nice collection of picture galleries and videos and even though they`re all small when you combine then into one powerful force you get something that`s actually worth the $34.95/month (even though that`s still too expensive).

Croco’s Opinion

Kissy Darling has a good start to a site but she only provides eight picture galleries and eight videos so there isn`t a ton of content to go around. She needs to keep updating and I`m not sure that she will. They lied about the fact that they have HD videos so why wouldn`t they lie about how often new content is being added` That stuff aside there`s good content in the member`s area where Kissy models her big titties, sucks her nipples and has some fun talking dirty in the movies. She provides great entertainment for anyone that joins and the bonus sites complete the collection with 10 other destinations for getting off.


It`s easy to navigate to the different content sections. The videos could use more screen captures but that`s a minor issue.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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